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   Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Did You Know?

There have been 200 appointments to the Saskatchewan Order of Merit since its inception in 1985.

The official sport of Saskatchewan

Curling has been played in what is now Saskatchewan since the 1880s.  The predecessor of CURLSASK was established in 1904, the year before Saskatchewan became a province.  Curling is one of the most popular winter sports in the province, appealing to people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, urban and rural, and involving thousands of volunteers.  Curling rinks are the centre of activity in numerous small communities. 

Saskatchewan has been home to some of the best curlers in the world, including winners of Canadian championships, world championships, the first women's world championships and the first Olympic gold medal in curling.  In recognition of the significance of curling for Saskatchewan and the international contribution of Saskatchewan curlers to the sport, the Legislature adopted curling as the province's official sport in 2001.  The status of official sport entitles CURLSASK to use the provincial shield of arms on its emblems.

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